Future Starter and Collective Campus have come together to create opportunities for Startups and Scaleups to solve common business problems.

The Future Starter by Income was inaugurated in 2014 to collaborate with the start-up community and innovators from around the World to advance ideas and innovations. Future Starter believes in innovating with customers too. To enable co-ideation, Future Starter allows YOU to tell us where we can innovate in order to serve you better.

Why has the program been established?

To inspire the next big innovation in insurance - to collaborate and co-innovate with like-minded people so that we can continue to enhance the accessibility and user experience of insurance industry customers.


If you like the idea of collaborating and co-innovating with an organisation such as Future Starter, we invite you to address any of the challenges listed here to improve different aspects of the insurance business.

Besides the chance of being awarded a proof-of-concept (POC) contract, shortlisted start-ups will also have exclusive access to our panel of executive mentors, along with other benefits.

About Collective Campus

Collective Campus is an Asia-Pac innovation hub, school and consultancy that works with companies to help them adopt the mindsets, methods and tools required to explore new business models and innovate in an era of rapid disruption.

The company was founded in 2014, based on a firm belief that the world's greatest underused source of energy is not the sun, the wind or the waves... it's our organisations and their people.

Collective Campus has helped organisations such as MetLife Insurance, Sportsbet, King & Wood Mallesons, Mills Oakley, Telstra, Australian Unity, Singapore Pools, Ascendas Singbridge, ASIC, Maddocks, Clifford Chance, BNP Paribas and many others with their innovation initiatives, a key component of which is partnering with startups to explore disruptive innovation, often very difficult to do from behind the walls of a large organisation.

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About Income

Income was established in 1970 to provide affordable insurance for workers in Singapore. Today, two million people in Singapore look to Income for trusted advice and solutions when making their most important financial decisions. Our wide network of advisers and partners provide life, health and general insurance products and services to serve the protection, savings and investment needs of customers across all segments of society.

Right from the start, Income was made different. Our social purpose of maximising value for our policyholders defines us as a social enterprise as we continue to make insurance accessible, affordable and sustainable for all.

In 2017, Income had over SGD36.3 billion in assets under management. Our financial strength and diversified investment portfolio is reflected by our strong credit ratings which underpin the delivery of our commitment to customers.

The Future Starter by Income was inaugurated in 2014 to collaborate with the start-up community and innovators from around the World to advance ideas and innovations.

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